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Set to captivate readers in its physical print form, “A Stepmother’s Märchen Vol. 1” brings to life a tale of romance, drama, and the tantalizing possibility of second chances. Originally a hit webtoon titled “The Fantasie of a Stepmother” on the Tapas Media digital platform, this full-color fantasy comic delves deep into the challenges and aspirations of a young marchioness navigating the complexities of nobility and family.

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Release Date: 2023/10/17

a stepmothers marchen the fantasie of a stepmother
Cover of Volume 1

Shuri Von Neuschwanstein, the marchioness, finds herself in a daunting position at a tender age. Following the untimely death of her husband, she’s entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing his lands and caring for his children. The twist? She’s barely older than her stepchildren, making her role all the more challenging. Despite her unwavering commitment to her duties, she faces betrayal from other nobles and the heartbreak of her stepchildren’s rejection. This leaves Shuri isolated and hardened, a mere shadow in her own residence.

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shuri von neuschwanstein the fantasie of a stepmother
Shuri Von Neuschwanstein

However, fate has a twist in store for her. On the day of her eldest stepson’s wedding, an unexpected turn of events sees the marchioness meeting her end. But instead of the afterlife, Shuri awakens in the past, on the very day of her husband’s funeral. Presented with a unique opportunity to relive the next seven years, Shuri is determined to take a different path. With the knowledge of her past experiences, she sets out to reshape her destiny and, hopefully, find her own fairy tale ending.

“A Stepmother’s Märchen Vol. 1” seems to be a fantasy/romance series that promises readers a journey filled with intrigue, emotion, and the age-old question: given the chance, how would you rewrite your story? As the narrative unfolds, fans of the original webtoon and new readers alike can immerse themselves in Shuri’s quest to redefine her fate.

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