Fashion Gets Revival with AI-Powered Design Collaboration Platform

Jellibeans, a California-based fashion intelligence and analytics startup has been the go-to platform for fashionistas discovering new deals from outlets and retailers, is off to the races. The company is launching, a new collaboration and design platform for the fashion industry that doesn’t just leave assessing the commercial viability of a fashion design up to a gut feeling. 

What piques our interest is how enables both new or even established designers to generate collections from scratch using an AI image generation engine. But the designs aren’t random. Powered by a large database that encompasses 10 million fashion products and counting, was created to give designers a way to validate the sellability of their collection. 

Co-founded by CEO Joanne Chow, whose repertoire includes strategy for Adidas and Sandro under her R&D consulting firm inDhouse, and CTO Brian Marsh who hails from Yahoo! Japan and Blackrock, Jellibean’s is analogous to Canva. But dig deeper and you’ll find that its data analytics and reporting capabilities would remind you of the Bloomberg Terminal, while its AI image generation capabilities are reminiscent of Midjourney. (Though to clarify, the company doesn’t use Midjourney.)

Fashion designers are known to rely on intuition or trend anticipation for new designs. The demand for sellable designs is immense in today’s market, yet the number of tools for data-driven decisions and stakeholder collaboration are few and far in between. Not to mention that the tools available on the market are often neither sufficient for concrete data analysis nor affordable. Backed by its proprietary but comprehensive data infrastructure, makes sense of the data, accurately forecast trends, enabling its users to make sense of seasonal styles to rapidly prototype or optimize new collections in as little as 30 seconds, and this makes it a unique contender within the fashion industry.

What otherwise may cost tens of thousands of dollars in analytics and data, is available within a single platform run on a freemium model. It democratizes the design-to-retail process with a tool for informed decision-making and enhanced cooperation between designers and other stakeholders on the collections’ design. admittedly offers a powerful proposition for many aspiring designers – for example influencers looking to monetize their user base.

There’s also a higher calling for a disruptive tech platform. Sustainability has been at the forefront of the challenges that the fashion industry faces. An estimated 92 tonnes of clothing is wasted each year, and a high proportion of this are prototypes that never make it to production. And for to enter the picture means that its design-to-production workflow is actually minimizing waste. 

And so it’s no surprise that it’s attracted the attention of the fashion industry, including an investment of US $1 million from Aussco, a high-profile knitwear supplier for brands including Alexander Wang, Ted Baker, and North Face to name a few.

Within the ever-growing fashion tech space, is standing tall, pushing boundaries and redefining how the industry approaches design, collaboration, and sustainability. The fusion of AI, data analytics, and creative expression in arguably marks an era for a new wave for fashion retail, where creativity meets the efficiency of technology.

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