Hunter X Hunter Manga Return Teased

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hunter x hunter manga return

Ten months after the latest updated chapter 400 last December, the mangaka of “Hunter X Hunter”, Yoshihiro Togashi, hinted at the return of the iconic shonen series with a post on his personal X account.

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The post features a photo of the corner of a manuscript of the supposed-to-be chapter 401 with the caption “Start over”. In March, Togashi revealed that chapter 401 had been completed, but he did not confirm when the series would return to serialization.

Hunter X Hunter went on hiatus in January due to health issues the author, and Shueisha stated at the time that the manga should not follow a weekly serialized format going forward. Since there has been no further confirmation from the editorial department, the wild speculation that the manga will no longer be a part of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is still in the air.

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